Blackbrook Rugby

Royals Chair’s Message

Over the course of the past week the Executive Committee at Blackbrook Royals JRLFC have spent a significant amount of time drafting guidance and associated risk assessments to assist our coaches and players in a return to small sided rugby activity. We wanted this to happen.
On Friday 5th June it was announced that the Reproduction (R rate) of corona virus infection in the North West had risen above 1 for the first time since the pandemic began. As you will be aware this increases the risk of transmission and infection significantly.
It is therefore with some reluctance that we feel it is absolutely necessary to delay our return to training at this time. We have looked at the Risk Assessment process and Safeguarding Policies in arriving at this decision. We will continue to monitor and review this decision on a regular basis whilst monitoring updates from government and the Rugby Football League.
Returning children to activity when the rate of Corona Virus infection has now increased is not viewed as a sensible option and poses a risk that we are not prepared to take at this stage. In short the benefits of a return do not outweigh the health risks whilst the R rate increases.
Whilst people will be disappointed we must refer you to our original guidance document which says ‘It should be clearly stated from the outset that whilst it is encouraging to see a move towards resuming rugby league activity, the overwhelming priority for Blackbrook is and always will be the health and safety of everybody associated with our club.
We hope you understand and support this position.