Blackbrook Rugby

Information in brief for Clubs and other partners – NHS and Public Health England Guidance on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear Colleague

Please do ensure that your players, coaches, staff, volunteers and other partners are aware of the latest Government guidelines.

The links below are for members of the public, with additional information for first responders / first aiders.

As you will be aware, this is an evolving issue. The Government makes regular updates which you can see using the link below – this is the best way to keep informed.

Some Government Departments have issued specific guidance on their sectors.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is currently looking at guidance around sports and other major events; if subsequent information is issued we will of course share this with clubs.

Much of the NHS and Public Health England advice on regular hand-washing, hygiene – including sneezing into tissues which are then thrown away properly, rest, and staying away from work and others when feeling unwell, applies to all of us and what we can do to prevent the spread of all flu-type and respiratory viruses which are far more common. It is good practice as part of your duty of care as an employer and community partner to re-emphasise these sensible measures to staff and volunteers and to remind people they can call the NHS for advice on 111.