Blackbrook Rugby

8 MARCH 2020

ROYALS u7’s v Widnes Moorfield Tigers

Tries: Harry Gallimore, Harry Smith and Stanley Fryer


ROYALS u8’s v Orrell St James

Tries: Bradley Langtree (2) and Jamison Gaskell (2)


ROYALS u9’s v Pilkington Recs Blacks

Tries: Conal Parry (2) and Aaron Rushton


ROYALS u10’s v Ince Rose Bridge

Tries: Kayden Lee, Daniel Jones, Louie Cunliffe, Alfie Lyon (2) and Michael Lyons

Goals: Reece Taylor and Louie Cunliffe


BLUES u11’s v Hindley

Try:  Nathan Moore

Goal: Archie Smith


ROYALS u12’s v Golborne Parkside

Tries:  Harry Knowles and Declan Rigby


BLUES u12’s v Latchford Giants

Tries: Dominic Bridge and Peter Burgess

Goals: Charlie Bennett (2)


ROYALS u13’s 14 v Crosfields 26

Tries: Sam Turner (3)

Goal: Nathan Benson


Ashton Bears 4 v ROYALS u14’s 32

Tries: Jack Haggerty, Ruben Ruane (2), Zak Mulachy and George Whitby

Goals: George Whitby (4)


Waterhead Warriors 0 v ROYALS u15’s 62

Tries: Sam Cottam (3), Brad Benson (2), Harrison Dean (2), Josh Davies, Kyle Sparrow, Patrick Buckley and Jack Heffernan

Goals: Jack Heffernan (9)


ROYALS u16’s 6 v Langworthy Reds 34

Try: Dylan Lacey

Goal: Aaron Tunstall-Muil


BLUES u16’s 0 v Halton Farnworth 28