Blackbrook Rugby

20 October 2019


Tries:  Ryan Tickle (2), Tom Bailey (3) and Jake Callaghan


BLACKBROOK ROYALS u7’s v Crosfields

Tries:  Bradley Tickle, Mason Benson (2), Bradley Langtree (3), Ryan Lappin (2) and Oscar Gibbons


BLACKBROOK ROYALS u8’s v Wigan St Cuthberts

Tries: Conal Parry (2) and Harry Davies


BLACKBROOK ROYALS u8’s v Haresfinch Hawks

Tries: Dylan Mather (3), Conal Parry (3), Daniel Roberts (3), John Bennett (2), Harvey Whittle, Harry Davies, Tyler Middlehurst, Ethan Tucker and Tyler Pook


Salford City Roosters v BLACKBROOK ROYALS u9’s

Tries:  Louie Cunliffe (4), Jack Moss (2), Reece Taylor (3) and Alfie Lyon


BLACKBROOK BLUES u10’s v Leigh Miners Rangers

Tries:  Freddie Owen (2), Kaelan Gardner (2) and Archie Smith (2)

Goal: Freddie Owen


BLACKBROOK BLUES u11’s v Newton Storm

Tries: Charlie Bennett (2)

Goals: Charlie Bennett (2)


West Bank Bears v BLACKBROOK ROYALS u12’s

Tries: Freddie Newman and Lewis Pilling

Goal: Nathan Benson


Wigan St Judes Golds 10 v BLACKBROOK ROYALS u13’s 22

Tries: Dylan Kelly-Duffy, Trent Kelly Duffy, Harry Rigby, Jack Hodgson and Rocco Talbot-Piggott.

Goal: George Whitby


Salford City Roosters 0 v BLACKBROOK ROYALS u14’s 26

Tries: Josh Davies, Sam Cottam, Jack Heffernan, Kenny Cheveau and Harrison Dean

Goals: Jack Heffernan (3)


BLACKBROOK ROYALS 8 v Latchford Giants 18

Tries: Alex Cummings and Dylan Lacey