Blackbrook Rugby

14 & 15 MARCH 2020

14 March


Thatto Heath A 26 v BLACKBROOK 16


15 March

Latchford Giants 26 v ROYALS u16’s 12

Tries: Cael Parker, Finn Cowley and Ruben Braamskamp


Salford City Roosters 28 v ROYALS u15’s 16

Tries: Harrison Dean, Johnny Vaughan and Sam Cottam

Goals: Jack Heffernan (2)


ROYALS u14’s 66 v Ryland Sharks 0

Tries: Ruben Ruane (2), Rocco Talbot-Piggott, Zak Mulachy, Cole Marsh (2), George Whitby, Dylan Kelly-Duffy (2), Trent Kelly-Duffy, Keane Elms and Jayme Johnson

Goals: George Whitby (9)


ROYALS u12’s v Hindley

Tries: Matthew Smee, James Moss and Luke Brighouse

Goals: Harrison Marsh and Leon Walker


BLUES u12’s v Widnes Moorfield

Tries: Joshua Lightfoot and Matthew Faye

Goals: Charlie Bennett (2)


ROYALS u11’s v Oldham St Annes

Tries: Ronan Parry (3), Aiden Part and Callum Holmes (2)

Goals: Archie Lowe (3) and Riley Heath (3)


Thatto Heath Shields v ROYALS u11’s

Tries: Leon Davies (4)

Goals: Leon Davies (2) and Archie Smith (2)


ROYALS u10’s v Golborne

Tries: Michael Lyons, Leo Gaskell (2), Hayden Burke and Jack Moss

Goal: Jack Moss


ROYALS u7’s v Accrington

Tries: Ronan Power (2), Stanley Fryer (3), Harry Gallimore (3), Rayan Tickle (2) and James Goodman


ROYALS u7’s v Wigan St Cuthberts

Tries: James Hamilton (2), Lucy Hughes and Harry Smith